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Website Evaluation

Most of the websites though attractive and informative, may not be able to appear on the search engines queries for various reasons like improper Keyword listings, Irregular Navigation structure, Lesser compatibility, Layout. The only way one can make their presence feel on the web world is to have a standardized website evaluation from a professional SEO expert, which in turn helps the customer to be in list of the search engine queries.

In order to help the target users locate products, services or information of their choice, first and foremost is the website which forms the ready identity of the product or services has to be evaluated on certain standards.

If you have once built your website and want to hit the market or advertise yourself in the global market, the next big step is to get your website evaluated.

Four Divisions LLC follows a unique methodology for evaluating websites in terms of Usability, Accessibility, Layout, Navigation, Compliance, Keyword analysis and Language has made a tremendous impact on the bottom-line business of many customers. Four Divisions LLC offers website evaluation services that are well versed with the latent semantic indexing. It tries to visualize the user terminology and the mind set when the user tries to search or locate products/services/information on a website.

Four Divisions LLC is all here to evaluate your website and provide a detailed report on your overall website design, navigation structure, usefulness, usability, SEO friendly status, efficiency and effectiveness of your website

We try to follow a unique methodology for evaluating the website by using certain basic principles. We follow in particular to each and every website the following points:

  • Look and feel of the website
  • Navigation Structure
  • Content Management
  • Target customers
  • Findability
  • Contact Information
  • Site Map Structure
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Knowledge of Users
  • User Satisfaction

After evaluating the website based on the above points, Four Divisions LLC creates a detailed report for client about the status of the website with a list of suggestions. Four Divisions LLC has always excelled in evaluating a client’s website and had further in process created an elegant and aesthetic website designs that are search engine friendly and user friendly.