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Web Designing & Development

Four Divisions LLC with its expertise in the areas of SEO, SEM and Web design and development, over the years has developed and designed websites for many prestigious customers. We create aesthetic, attractive and elegant website designs with a constructive navigation structure for our customers. We have a proven track record of providing professionally developed web sites with client’s tremendous growth in both revenue and web visibility.

We build an attractive and compelling web identity for our clients business. In order to make their business grow more profitably, all recommendable requirements for a website are taken into consideration. We take utmost care to provide the best web site design for clients. Our creative team consists of designers and developers who are very flexible with the latest designing technologies and concepts. Four Divisions LLC team studies and analyses the business structure of clients and plans to design website in accordance to their business requirements.

Our creative, elegant and proactive web designs are widely accepted by our prospective customers. Our professionals are competent in SEO and SEM techniques which they incorporate during the designing and development of the client website.

Custom Web Design

Web site design is the primary asset of any company. It’s like a mirror to the outer world which reflects ideas and information of a particular website. So designing plays an important and major role to customers worldwide. Four Divisions LLC has a team of designers who are experienced and proficient in designing layouts to clients irrespective of their different verticals base. We have the profound knowledge in designing and developing website both static and dynamic.

Designing a website not only for the appearance but also for the performance of that website is only possible for a SEO based website design company. Here we are for you to design a website which hold the identity of your business and also which acts as an interface to market your products and services. Four Divisions LLC Web designing services coupled with SEO solutions make it prominent in comparison to other designing companies. We are experienced and well exposed to the latent technology as well as the designing strategies which make a website look and work wonderful.
Typically Web pages are classified as static or dynamic:

  • Static pages don’t change content and layout with every request unless a human (web master/programmer) manually updates the page. A simple HTML page is an example of static content.
  • Dynamic pages adapt their content and/or appearance depending on end-user’s input/interaction or changes in the computing environment (user, time, database modifications, etc.) Content can be changed on the client side (end-user's computer) by using client-side scripting languages (JavaScript, JScript, Actionscript, etc.) to alter DOM elements (DHTML). Dynamic content is often compiled on the server utilizing server-side scripting languages (Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, etc.). Both approaches are usually used in complex applications.
  • According to the specific requirement of the client business, Four Divisions LLC designs the website for the client. Four Divisions LLC is very well versed with latest designing tools and packages. Our professional team of designers and developers are talented and creative. They create user friendly and search engine friendly websites.