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Software Development

Four Divisions LLC is Microsoft Gold Certified Company offering IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies across globe. Leveraging best SEO and SEM professionals, business strategies and state-of-the-art technologies, Four Divisions LLC provides professional software development services for diversified clients. Our team of qualified professionals have expert skills in various technologies and are adaptive to each and every business type and different technologies.

Four Divisions LLC offers customized software development services including offshore Software Development, Software Testing and Web Development. Four Divisions LLC has been offering high quality and cost effective software-outsourcing services for clients from USA, Europe and other Middle East countries.

Four Divisions LLC has more than seven years of experience in providing software solutions from starting point to the entire life cycle of software development. Our certified professional team and highly qualified management team are dynamic and proactive to offer the best solutions to our prospective clients. We also hire expert software engineers from all parts of the world in certain specific projects.

Four Divisions LLC Software Development life cycle follows from requirement to Quality Analysis.

Requirements analysis:

Requirements analysis is critical to the success of any development projects as well as marketing plans/campaigns. Every marketing campaign before initialization needs a thorough requirement analysis of the client’s business and website. At Four Divisions LLC , we believe in acquiring the basic requirements of the client business and project precisely whether it is related to a marketing campaign or software development project.

Four Divisions LLC ensures to spend sufficient time to understand the objectives, deliverables and scope of the project before it kicks start the project. We try to critically evaluate both client’s benefits and risk in the project. Usually when a client invests in PPC marketing, he is eligible to know the status of the campaign while it is initiated and process. Four Divisions LLC takes care in forming a defined process for receiving, analyzing and incorporating change requests, and makes your customer aware of his/her entry point into this process

Maintenance support

Maintenance is the part and parcel of any project, business, websites and e-commerce portals efficiency. Four Divisions LLC has the necessary edge in initiating as well maintaining the projects related to online marketing and web development services. Coming to the maintenance of online portal marketing process, Four Divisions LLC can maintain your online portals by updating products and their prices, adding new products, advertising on ,Amazon portals, promoting your site with SEO and also can effectively market your products through e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing.

We can also give technological solutions and support to those who face technical problems while communicating to the clients.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality is what everyone looks for in business!
Quality depicts the real form of a service or a product. It is referred to as a program which monitors and evaluates the various aspects of a project, service, or marketing to ensure that standards of quality are being met. To meet the quality level one needs to follow and realize the importance of quality in all deliverables.

In the process of web development, the most important aspect is quality checking. Four Divisions LLC is very well versed in providing quality assurance and testing services. While designing and developing websites, our team of professionals follow certain standards to maintain the quality of the websites performance. Even in the process of making the website based on SEO perspective, it takes utmost care in maintaining quality.

End-to-End Web Solutions:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Tech Support
  • SEO
  • SEM