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Requirement Analysis

Requirements analysis is critical to the success of any development projects as well as marketing plans and campaigns. Every marketing campaign before initialization, needs a through requirement analysis of the client’s business and website.

Coming close to the concept, there are three types of activities involved in Requirement Analysis:

  • Gathering requirements from the client involves the process of communication between clients and the users to determine what exactly is required for the project. This is generally called requirement gathering.
  • Requirement Analysis, at this stage we try to find out if we are uncomfortable with the project specifications in various forms, such as documentation, marketing plans and procedures, and other is process dealings.
  • Documentation requirement: Requirements are documented for the future use in various forms, language documents, case sheets, and process specifications.

Requirements analysis is a lengthy process as it involves a thorough analysis from the customer as well as the marketer, because unless and until the whole concept and the criterion is clearly known, it becomes a tough task for advertising company to take up the campaign.

The process of requirement analysis involves:

  • A clear study of the client’s business and its website
  • Try to know his business objective
  • Online access to the marketing documentation requisites
  • Types of social media to use and what type of content is required form the clients consent and select media which client signifies for marketing their website and products
  • How to use the client information related to website and other documents for marketing client’s website.

At Four Divisions LLC , we believe in acquiring the basic requirements of the client business and project precisely whether it related to a marketing campaign or software development project.
We try to bring out the client’s unique requirements in order to maintain the measurability of success for client in the long process.  Requirements must be well documented for any future need while in the process of either running campaign or in the life cycle of software development. Every website is analyzed on the basis of business requirements and the way it conducts its operations. Our team of professional is always in constant touch with the clients to analyze their needs and requirements.

Four Divisions LLC ensures to spend sufficient time to understand the objectives, deliverables and scope of the project before it kicks start the project. We try to critically evaluate the both client’s benefits and risk in the project. Usually when a client invests in PPC marketing, he is eligible to know the status of the campaign while it is initiated and processed. Since there is a chance of the any changes in the requirements, Four Divisions LLC takes care in forming a defined process for receiving, analyzing and incorporating change requests, and makes your customer aware of his/her entry point into this process.