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Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality is what everyone looks for in business!

Quality depicts the real form of a service or a product.  It is referred to as a program which monitors and evaluates the various aspects of a project, service, or marketing to ensure that standards of quality are being met. To meet the quality level one needs to follow and realize the importance of quality in all deliverables.

Quality Assurance is implied that the project is undertaken is to be completed to the earlier requirements, specifications analyzed, and to the agreed level of accuracy. It is following certain standard while undergoing the project and get 100% quality products and projects.

QA is the way of checking and monitoring the overall progress and improvement of the development process. From the beginning of the project only QA is taken care to maintain consistency throughout the campaign and project. In the process, there is a thorough inspection of whole process so as to ensure perfection and rule out certain defects and problems in the beginning of the project itself.

Four Divisions LLC has the necessary expertise in checking  the quality of the process, project, business plan and marketing strategies. We have a specific team of quality analyzers who can test your business activities, marketing plans and suggest solutions to maintain quality in all deliverables.

In the process of web development, the most important aspect is quality checking. Four Divisions LLC is very well versed in providing quality assurance and testing services. While designing and developing websites, our team of professionals follow certain standards to maintain the quality of the websites performance. Even in the process of making the website based on SEO perspective, it takes utmost care in maintaining quality.

While we run a PPC campaign also, we see that the quality standards are followed while writing Ad copies and bidding the keywords for marketing. Also we maintain a high quality while preparing the content for the websites. We ensures that the information displayed on websites are accurate and of high standards.

Above all, Four Divisions LLC is always ready to take up challenges related to quality assurance and testing in not only online marketing but also in web Development Services. As Quality Assurance is the most important factor in any business or industry. The same procedure is followed din any project style, checking quality in any entity is must and more specifically in Software development.

If you try to spend some additional revenue for getting high quality product, you will definitely get more profit.  That does not mean that expensive products are high quality products. But even inexpensive product can be high-quality product if it meets customer’s needs/expectation.

The quality assurance cycle consists of four steps: Plan, Do, Check, and Act. These steps are commonly abbreviated as PDCA.

The four quality assurance steps within the PDCA model are

  • Plan to establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results.
  • Do implement the process developed.
  • Check and Monitor to evaluate the implemented process by testing the results against the predetermined objectives
  • Act: Apply actions necessary for improvement if the results require changes.