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Our Methodology

Methodology is the main force behind any successful project planning. It is a systematic way of processing a particular task to achieve results. For any business, planning and methodology is the very basic criteria to improve its sales and production. Four Divisions LLC follows a systematic way of processing all its services like SEM, SEO, Web Designing and Software development by using a unique methodology.

For any online business, success awaits for an effective online marketing strategy which is designed to understand the business of the client and market it needs. Usually many companies do not disclose their marketing strategy to the clientele base, but we believe in giving full transparency to the client in terms of methodology we follow while implementing any ad campaign. We would like our clients to understand and know about our methods and strategies which we follow at Four Divisions LLC .

SEM Process:  The most powerful techniques of search engine marketing for driving traffic to any website is Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing. In PPC marketing, your ad appears on the right hand side listings. It is the easiest and earliest way to your customers. Your customers can be at your finger tips. If you set up a PPC campaign to improve your traffic and sales, you can start receiving traffic within 15 minutes after setting up your campaign. With PPC, your ad can be displayed on search engines, content network websites and online advertising networks, which provide tons of targeted traffic. We follow an organized way of promoting your business through our PPC campaigns. Our methodologies are unique and are applicable to suite the business needs of our client.

PPC Analysis/Initial Proposal:

A thorough PPC analysis is done to understand the search volume for the client’s business related keywords. We even can project the numbers to the clients through PPC analysis. We do the PPC analysis with the following steps:

  • Understanding client’s business & goals by visiting the client’s business
  • Collection of  keywords by different types of collecting sources like Meta Tags in view source of both clients as well as competitor websites, Manual collection of keywords, keywords collected based on questionnaire information and also we have different keyword available with us to generate keywords for the clients business. The tools are

1. Google Search Based Keyword Tool,

2. Google Keyword Tool

  • Finding keywords searches as per each keyword generated in search in a month, using Google AdWords Keyword Tool ( and decide the search volume.
  • To categorize keywords into three main categories like Branded keywords, High Volume Keywords and Low Volume Keywords and generate 30 – 40 keywords in each category.
  • Setting bids for keywords by finding out each keyword’s average CPC using Google Traffic Estimator Tool – ( by providing the list of keywords and selecting the language and country.
  • Based on the CTR & Conversion rate, clicks, costs and conversion are calculated.