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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance is the part and parcel of any project, business, websites and e-commerce portals efficiency. Four Divisions LLC has the necessary edge in initiating as well maintaining the projects related to online marketing and web development services. Four Divisions LLC is efficient in maintaining online portal marketing process, PPC marketing campaigns, SEO campaigns, Website maintenance and e-commerce portals maintenance.

Four Divisions LLC has a professional team of qualified and certified members who maintain various marketing campaigns of clients.  During maintaining a PPC marketing campaign, professionals are well equipped with the latest technologies and can maintain a Google Adwords account thoroughly.

In the process of executing the PPC campaign, our team collects keywords based on the client website products and services and upload to the account. They execute and maintain the campaign by preparing effective ad copies and upload to the account. In case if the performance of the keywords is not impressive, then we will remove such keywords from the campaign.

If the keywords are performing well, we will add more and more variations of the performing keywords. Also we try to test two different ad copies to know which message is performing well. As such we will maintain the account and campaign effectiveness. In the process of SEO Campaign, we try to analyze the client’s websites in all matters related to its ranking position. We maintain a website through SEO process to yield more results.

Coming to the maintenance of online portal marketing process, Four Divisions LLC can maintain your online portals by updating products and their prices, adding new products, advertising on ,Amazon portals, promoting  your site with SEO and also can effectively market your products through e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing. We can also give technological solutions and support to those who face technical problems while communicating to the clients.

Four Divisions LLC also have exclusive team consisting of software engineers who are capable of providing solution to software related problems that slow down a business.  WE can even hire people for specific software related problems if needed.  We can offer remote as well as 24/7 software technical support. It can be a individual or product usage advice, We give support services that can help you.

Four Divisions LLC Maintenance and support Services advantage:

  • We can reduce operating costs
  • We increase efficiency by our innovative solutions
  • Improve availability and reduce downtime
  • We can reduce complexity
  • We can ease resource and skills constraints.