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Directory Submissions

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a particular website using various techniques like Article submission, Meta tag optimization, Keyword research and analysis, Directory submission, Social media optimization. It is a way for search engines to understand the uniqueness of the website using different online marketing strategies to get listed in search engines results.

Directory submission is one of the best ways to build quality links to the website. Four Divisions LLC over the years has developed an innovative and efficient way of directory submission, which includes manual and automatic methods.

Four Divisions LLC provides high quality directory submission services to its clients for attaining good ranking position of the website at an affordable price. Our team of SEO professionals provide a unique and quality directory submission package to each and every client and are very adaptive to the requirements of the client. After making the process of crawling and stepping into further optimization process, Four Divisions LLC generates traffic from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

In the manual submission, SEO professionals carefully check the suitable directory to locate and submit the links in order to list in search engine rankings. All submissions are done to ensure that every detail of your site is submitted.

We offer submission services that ensure each manual directory submitted is relevant to your site. We try to make each directory is selected based on reliability. We take utmost care while submission to ensure that search engine does not black list any submission. As most of the major search engines catalogues and indexes a directory which has perfect submission. Better still, we offer only one-way linking services so no reciprocal links are required.

Four Divisions LLC Directory Submission Advantage:

  • Our team of SEO professionals will submit the website in the exact related category which suits best to tour your website.
  • Our expert team will generate a report that discloses the path of the website submitted in the web directory.
  • The website is placed in the web directory for faster, easy and quality access of information.
  • We also offer the geographical SEO and directory submissions for the website.

Steps in Directory Submission:

  • Identifying the good directories that have the capacity to accept different categories of sites.
  • The identified directories are further checked if they are SEO friendly or not.
  • The selected SEO friendly directories are short listed.
  • The short listed directories are added to the list which is regularly updated to improve the effectiveness in submissions.
  • SEO team thoroughly checks the guidelines of the directories and follows it accordingly.
  • After checking the list of directories and their guidelines, Four Divisions LLC studies specifications and details to make the necessary submission in the directories for optimal results.
  • After the submissions are made, you can also periodically check for the progress and position of the website.
  • Four Divisions LLC also gives a detailed tracking of submission report.