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Budget Fee Model

Budget Fee Model is the customized form of online advertising pricing model. Budget being the prime aspect in any business either online or direct, a perfect planning of the investments can prove to be successful and profitable. In any online advertising campaign, there is need to carefully allocate financial resources for running your online business smoothly. You need to have a thorough check in equal intervals to inspect your investments are carefully managed while your online advertising campaign is on. Budget fee model is the best model for the client to check his resources being optimistically utilized or not.

Four Divisions LLC has vast experience in online marketing and designing services. Our teams of professionals who are experts in search engine mechanism are specialized in various techniques of online marketing strategies like PPC, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, E-mail Marketing and social media marketing. Our qualified PPC professionals can handle online marketing projects and tasks related to small size companies to large firm.

Four Divisions LLC offers the best budget model for the client’s business. We try to meet your requirements and budget in order to plan the Best Model for running your campaign. We always believe in managing your investment to ensure the most optimum ROI.

Dealing with budgets is the prime aspect in any marketing campaign; the advertiser should be analysed in order to set a campaign according to his budgets. Our professionals are very firm and decisive while allocating finance on behalf of the client for running a campaign. Our teams of professionals who are certified Google AdWords professionals have vast experience in handling the campaign account and budget allocation. We plan effectively each model in order to get more profit for you.

Under Management Fee Model

  • Show the continuous growth with sales and visibility MOM
  • Weekly reports on the campaign management.
  • The search cost is decided by the client.
  • Flexible to review or change the agreement at any point of time if client do not see any growth in sales for 3 consecutive months.

Under Retainer Fee + Performance Incentive

  • Weekly reports on the campaign management will be sent.
  • The search cost is decided by client.

Under Pay for Performance Model:

  • Four Divisions LLC offers more robust online marketing plan (i.e.; pay for performance model) to your business. The model minimizes the client's risks and marketing expenses.
  • Four Divisions LLC will charge a certain % on the total sales generated through online marketing (PPC and other campaigns like affiliates). Please note, for first 2 quarters, Search marketing costs are more and expensive.
  • The search cost will be taken care by Four Divisions LLC .
  • Please note, in this model there is a possibility of losing the phone/email orders generated through PPC though Four Divisions LLC manages the funds. In spite of having the risk of losing the orders, Four Divisions LLC still offers this model, which shows the confidence in our strengths and calibre.